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3 Jul

o ministro que diz que sai, e o outro diz que não sai, vai agora negociar uma possível coligação de uma coligação que já foi mas parece que agora já não é bem… é isto?


PhD scholarships at the FU Berlin

7 Nov

For everyone who is interested in doing a PhD in literary studies in Germany, these positions at the Friedrich Schlegel Graduiertenschule might be an interesting opportunity.


Faculty OC Meeting 20 June: Expectations and Prejudices

5 Jun

Interesting for everybody who wants to be on the Board of Studies next year. Contact Eva Overman for more details.

The last faculty OC meeting of the year will take place between 13:00 and 15:00 on 20 June in lecture hall 004 of the Bungehuis. This gathering is meant for those who are interested in becoming an OC member for the 2012/2013 academic year. Please confirm your attendance by 13 June at the latest. The OC meeting will be opened by Frank van Vree, who will speak about the OCs and the issues that need to be dealt with in the coming year. Several OC members will also share their experiences with the other attendees, after which the meeting will be concluded with a debate about the expectations and prejudices that students and lecturers have of one another, and how this in turn affects education. The Faculty OC meeting will be followed by the teaching prize awards.

Rectification: 28 JUNE last possible application for diploma date

30 May

Due to the UvA always being confused about its own rules I gave you the wrong date for the last possible day to apply for a diploma. This is thursday June 28!! Make sure you hand in the form before that friday the 29th of June with an autograph of your supervisor. Of course, the sooner you hand it in, the better.

Good luck with the thesis 😉

Deadline today!

21 May
Have a go at student politics, apply for the OC. It’s super easy and done in about five minutes. Everything you need to know you find below in a letter by the dean. Good luck!
For English, please scroll down


Beste student,

Steeds meer wordt van universiteiten verwacht dat zij verantwoording afleggen over hun onderwijs en onderzoek. Daarnaast staat de financiering van het hoger onderwijs onder druk en krijgen we te maken met maatregelen als de langstudeerdersregeling. Juist op zo’n moment is het van groot belang om de kwaliteit van ons onderwijs centraal te stellen. Daar spannen bestuur, docenten en studenten zich gezamenlijk voor in. Graag wil ik je daarom nogmaals wijzen op de vacatures die openstaan voor de opleidingscommissies.

Student-lid Opleidingscommissie

Per 1 september 2012 komen er weer plaatsen vrij in de opleidingscommissies van alle opleidingen FGw, waar studenten bij uitstek invloed kunnen uitoefenen op het onderwijs van hun opleiding. Betrokken studenten met hart voor onderwijs kunnen zich tot 21 mei 2012 aanmelden. Kijk voor meer informatie en de aanmeldprocedure op

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Prof. dr. Frank van Vree (decaan)


Dear student,

At the moment the University is confronted with several important issues such as the perpetual student fine and the increasing financial pressures imposed on higher education. It is therefore of great importance, especially at a time like this, that the quality of our education is guaranteed. This is a task for management, lecturers and students. Would you like to assist in maintaining the quality of our institutions? If so, please apply for the following vacancy. 

Student Member Programme Committee

New positions will become available in the programme committees (OCs) of all FGw study programmes as of September 2012. The programme committee provides student members with a platform for participating in educational issues at the study programme level. Students with a passion for education can apply for the position of OC student member until Monday, 21 May 2012. For more information about this position, as well as the application process, please visit

With kind regards,

Frank van Vree (Dean of the Faculty of Humanities)

Finishing CA

5 May

You’re almost done.. classes are finished and you’re sweating away at the thesis. But then what? After one/two years at CA you should by now know the UvA is one bureaucratic mess and you won’t miraculously find a diploma in your mailbox once you hand in the thesis. In fact, if you don’t do anything at all, you end up having to pay another trimester of tuition. So here’s what to do now. And yes, now!, not after you finish the thesis!


The info provided by the UvA in English

All the important dates for 2012:

Thursday 28 JuNe – last possible date to apply for a diploma

Friday 13 July – results of all your courses and tutorials EXCEPT the thesis should be registered in SIS.

Friday 17 August – last possible date for your supervisor to register your thesis grade

Friday 31 August – the official graduation date that will appear on your diploma

24 Sept – 5 Oct – The graduation ceremony will take place somewhere in this week.


Application for diploma < JuNE 29.

To graduate you need to go to the ‘onderwijsbalie taal en letterkunde’ (administration office of literary studies), room 018 in the Bungehuis, to ask for the form ‘diploma aanvraag’ (application for diploma).


On this form you need to fill out the title of your thesis, the graduation date – which is most likely august 31 – and get an autograph of your supervisor. You also need to hand in a copy of your passport and get to state if you want your thesis added to the online UvA thesis library or not.


When you hand in the form, the onderwijsbalie will give you a printout of the courses you followed and the grades you got. This is just a print of the SIS stuff. However make sure you check this! It has happened in the past that courses with changing themes and titles (like Joost de Bloois’ Theory and Criticism: precarity/biopolitics/etc) are registered incorrectly. Also the usual: spelling of your name, grades etc. If you have followed more courses than the usual 120 credits, you are able to choose if you want all courses on your diploma. If they don’t give this to you, ask for it.

13 July – all courses finished

Make sure you check you grades in SIS well before July 13th. If you have teachers that are slow or wrong, make sure you email them well before July 13th.


Handing in the thesis:

The official deadline for handing in the thesis is June 15. However it is customary that students discuss the how and when of handing in the thesis with the supervisor. Your supervisor might, for example, give you an opportunity of handing in a first version on June 15 and a final version later. Also the appointment of a second reader and when he or she gets involved should be planned with the supervisor. Every supervisor has his/her own preferences, yet all supervisors enjoy a holiday as well. Any help after June the 15th should be considered a favor. The only thing that matters to the administration is that before July 26th the supervisor can give you an autograph stating that the thesis will be done on time and before august 17 he/she has graded the thesis and handed in the mark in SIS.

Graduation ceremony:

The ceremony is usually held during the second half of September and in 2012 will take place in the weeks of Sept. 24 – Oct. 5. Around that time you will be invited by email. You are of course allowed to bring guests (UvA prefers a maximum of 5 people, but I wouldn’t worry if you bring more) Your supervisor will probably say a few words and you are invited to give a small talk of 5 minutes which gives you the opportunity to tell something about your thesis or thank people. Mind you, this is not a powerpoint summery of the thesis, nor a thesis defense. Its just a chance to say some final words before you’re off into the big bad real world. 😉 You shouldn’t think of the ceremony as something big and fancy because it isn’t. You’ll be lucky if all the teachers/supervisors are present as well as some drinks (which were lacking after the 2011 ceremony).

Of course, by September you might not be in Amsterdam anymore or you might just not feel like going. That is fine too. In that case you can pick up your diploma at the onderwijsbalie or request that they send it to you. In any case, make sure you check the diploma thoroughly again.


Well if you have thoroughly checked your diploma as well as the supplement that states all the courses you took, you are almost done.

Now you will only need to unregister from the UvA. You are reminded to do so by email. Wait for this email! Because if you unregister and they haven’t processed your diploma yet, you have a problem. Also your UvA email will expire a month or so after unregistering. So make sure you forward emails to your other address if you want to keep them.

You didn’t make it

What to do when you don’t make the deadline? First of, its not the end of the world. Of course you need to discuss this with your supervisor. Then go to the onderwijsbalie and ask them what to do. If you plan on finishing the thesis not long after the deadline and graduating asap, you need to register for the next year and just finish asap. The UvA does officially not deal with diploma applications in September so you need to make sure you apply before a date in October (the date changes each year so make sure you ask the onderwijsbalie and be on time) The first next possible graduation date will be in November. This also means you have to pay intuition for at least three months extra when you don’t make the deadline. The UvA has a complicated payment system but you should get details on that at the onderwijsbalie. Basically, after November you can graduate every month and it takes the UvA around one month to process the diploma application.

You’ve been a good student:

And got high grades.. so yeah what about them honours.

First of, if you’ve been a really really good student I have to disappoint you. The UvA only gives a cum laude and no summa cum laude etc. You don’t have to apply for this or fill out any forms. It will automatically appear on your diploma.

The requirements for cum laude are:

– you are exempted of a maximum of 20 of the 120 credits, not more.

– your grade average is at least an 8.1 (so a 8.051)

– the thesis is graded with at least an 8.5

Congrats on finishing CA 🙂

Student party questionnaire III Who is “uvasociaal”?

10 Apr

The final one of the student party introduction round – uvasociaal introduced by party member Jasper Wijk.


What are the most urgent challenges in student politics today?

There are a lot of challenges in current student politics. Most urgent are the things which were given in from national politics:

The UvA is making choices in the Bachelors and Masters they offer, which means that they are planning to stop offering a lot of them, and they are planning a Coorporation with the VU (Vrije Universiteit).

On the national level: The National government is attempting to ban the scholarship for the Master degrees, the free public transport for students (OV-reisrecht) and they have instated an extra college-fee for ‘langstudeerders’ (people who are taking more time for study than the nominal time + 1 year). As student politician, you represent Amsterdam in National Associations who are lobbying with the minister about these measures.

Why and how is the Facultaire Studentenraad important in addressing these challenges?

The FSR’s are important because they can advise or vote about important policies, which are directed straight at the students. Therefore they can reject the stupid ideas from the CvB (editor’s note: “College van Bestuur“) and make sure that the students at their faculty are protected.

How do elect your candidates for the Facultaire Studentenraad? How are you elected into the Facultaire Studentenraad?

First of all you can become member of a pollitical party, such as UVASOCIAAL, mei, Ons or a Facultairy Party such as Lief (FNWI), Sefa (FEB) or Acta Anders (Acta), but you can also constitute an new party (by getting fifty autographs) or join elections without party (also 50 autographs). Then, as you became a member of UVASOCIAAL, as I did, you have to apply for a place on the electionslists. The Party will then hand in the list before the elections to an official Instance of the UvA (The Centraal Stembureau).

Only from here is it gonna be real exciting, because you’ll have to promote yourself and your party. In the second week of May, students are able to vote. If you get enough votes for your candidacy, you’ll be elected

What does Uvasociaal as a party stand for? What do you consider the three most important aims of your party?

We stand for a UvA where students are able to choose their own future. Students are grown-ups and also should be seen that way by the UvA, therefore we stride for a UvA where there is a broad ability to chose courses, and students can deploy themselves in a way which connects best with there own future plans. We think education should be offered following the principles of Freedom (of Choice), Quality, Involvement and Equality.

Our 3 main Goals are:

Protect and Create as much possibilities for students as possible, and make sure that they can also do things next to their study as becoming member of organisation boards, following courses, being active in business or doing (top-level)sports.

Ensure the UvA to be a university where students have good, inspiring and challeging education, from teachers that are qualified, scientificly involved, inspiring and accessable by students.

Point the UvA at it’s responsibility to society in general, and make sure that the university is a place where knowledge is accumulated and shared not for the sake of making money only, but also to help society in its development.

Who can turn to the Uvasociaal party and with what kind of concerns?

Everybody who has a heart for education, and wants to develop him or herself in their personal, ultimate way. People who want to have the best quality of education and who want to learn something at the University of Amsterdam. Everybody who takes his or her responsibility and want to have a broad spectrum of opportunities for studying abroad, picking courses, minors, Bachelors and Masters, joining research projects, being active in study associations or other student-related boards, following excellence programs or making sure he/she learns something which contributes to his/her own development. People who see students as grown-ups, able to make good choices and who see the UvA as a university with a facilitating attitude in bringing up the best in each student.

What role do international students play at the UvA in your opinion? How do you as a party relate to international students’ concerns (both EU and non-EU)?

As a well-known and international city we think every student contributes to the academic atmosphere of the UvA and therefore to the knowledge and science developed and taught at the UvA. Each international student is a student who takes opportunities for his/her own development and therefore an inspiration for non-international students. We think that a student should be able to study at the place the student wants to study, and therefore the UvA should promote its international programs at its own university and at universities abroad.

What is your take on study fees in general and the specific rates both for Dutch and non-EU students?

We think that those fees should have a good, well constructed and argumented base. We think there should be more exchange programs so that it will be possible for all students to get to the UvA without a change of education fees. For the rest, we think it’s good that the UvA should make sharp fees, so that you pay for what you get, and that the UvA has to make sure a student (national or international) gets quality for their money.

How do you relate to last year’s Occupy Amsterdam movement and its institutional critique?

The party has no stance about the occupy movement.

How can international and Dutch students work together to address the challenges they face?

There has to be enough contact between dutch and international students, which is sometimes problematic. Therefore we stimulate the international buddy system, where each international student can chose to have a dutch buddy to help facing the challenges that studying in the Netherlands brings up. Of course there should also be a voice of international students in the education and facillities of the University.